Building systems
Building systems: 
There are several ways to build up the trees:
– Hook-on: this way the tree is build up were the branches need to be hooked on the pole. 
– Hinged: the branches are connected to the pole and the tree consists of 3x parts. 
– Wrapped: the branches are wrapped to the tree, Royal Christmas offers this system for promotional trees. 
– 1 minute tree: in 2008 Royal Christmas signed this build system to speed up the standing of the tree. 
   This is a hinged system combined with that the tree opens up it selves. This unique system offers customers that they do not need to open / unfold trees anymore. 
   In 1 minute the tree of 7 ft. / 210 cm is ready for decoration!
– FBU (Fast Build Up): these trees with integrated warm LED are selected for total convenience of the customer. Easy lighting connection (integrated in the pole), easy on / off foot pole switch, easily branches to unfould with hinged system. Insert the 3 tree parts, insert the power plug into the wall, turn on the lights by pressing the button on the foot switch. Your tree is ready! You can easily turn off the lights by pressing the power button on the foot switch again.
– The height of the tree includes the metal foot.
Example, tree height is including metal foot:
boom maten
Hook On
FBU Build up

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