Packaging of Royal Christmas:

Royal Christmas general sells in the Royal Christmas luxury packaging. We believe that the final consumer has attention for this. If the customer does not want to have their items in Royal Christmas boxes, we can also produce the goods in:

Please see the photos below.

– Royal Christmas packaging
– Also possible: Brown, and blue boxes
– Brown boxes for promotional items
– Depends on the total order amount if special boxes are possible

Box royal christmas
Box royal christmas
Box royal christmas
Box royal christmas
Royal Christmas packing consists of: 
– Multi-layer packaging, so it is extra strong
– Handles for carrying 
– 2x side color photos 
– Clear manual / instruction inside the box 
– Article numbers and barcodes

Royal Christmas – Parts Bag

All the artificial Christmas trees models with LED lighting come in 2021 with a new little Royal Christmas Parts Bag. The Parts Bag contains the following parts to connect the LED lighting of your tree:

  • The connector cables
  • The foot switch
  • The Royal Christmas – Smart Adapter
  • The Royal Christmas – Construction manual
Royal Bag-Accessories-RC-blue-color