Royal Christmas is specialized in the design, development and new market trends of artificial Christmas trees, Garlands and wreaths. The clients of Royal Christmas are in general: garden centers, wholesale, DIY, decoration companies and online shops and platforms. In 2022 we received orders from more than 80 different countries. Royal Christmas items are made in Dong Guan, China. Clients can order the collection of Royal Christmas in a mix container, so they will have a direct and diverse Christmas shop collection.

High quality Christmas items, price value, latest design and service are the key elements of Royal Christmas. We support our customers in the complete line, free marketing material, latest lab test and own packaging of Royal Christmas. Royal Christmas is BSCI-proof and REACH certified.

The materials we use are PE, PVC, Flock and PP. We see that more and more customers choose for LED lighting. In 2020 we started to use the Royal Christmas smart adapter.

Smart Adapter Logo                        Smart Adapter

The end consumer high appreciate this novelty. To safe energy there is a option to use the timer in the smart adapter. The packaging is made of the best carton in the market, so it can be used for many years. In 2021 we also started to produce trees of the material PET. Royal Christmas believes that the trees we make need to last forever if possible or at least 10 – 15 years.

Royal Christmas presents the total collection at different worldwide fairs every year, like the Christmas World fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Please go through our website or visit us at the fairs and showrooms. Please mail us for an appointment and give us the opportunity to show you how we can serve your company and build up a long lasting business relation.

But how did it all start?


Royal Christmas was founded in 1936 by Herman and Derk Veldpape by selling real Christmas trees on the market in Groningen, the Netherlands. The brothers bought huge fields and started growing real Christmas trees on them. For many years Herman told his son, grandson Dennis and even his daughter the history of the company. 

We cut the trees in the night and during the day we sold them on the market.’

Herman Veldpape
Company profile foto
Derk Veldpape

In the 70’s Herman’s son Willem joined the company as well. The 2 brothers mainly sold they’re products on markets, Willem started a flower / plant shop. He extended the amounts of shops he owned and also began to sell artificial flowers and artificial Christmas trees. In 1984 Willem expanded the company to sell outside Holland. When the wall in Berlin in 1989 fell and the communist times USSR ended in 1989, he was one of the first to enter the market. From 1996 he sold silk flowers and artificial Christmas trees all over Europe.  

Herman en Derk Veldpape
Herman en Derk Veldpape
Willem Veldpape
Willem Veldpape

In 1999 Dennis joined the family company. He wanted to focus on one range of items. Several other parts were sold, and the brand Royal Christmas was started and extended to a large line of Christmas trees. In 2008 Royal Christmas started his own production and with the office in Hong Kong and Dong Guan they could serve the clients directly from the factory to the importer. The main focus was and still is sale by Royal Christmas globally and offer the client complete range of Christmas items and offer them to mix the complete container so in the end anyone can start a Christmas shop everywhere with trees in many sizes and price levels, also Garlands, wreaths, mini trees etc.

Dennis Veldpape
Dennis Veldpape
Royal Chrsitmas - Warehouse
Royal Chrsitmas - Warehouse
Royal Christmas - Showroom
Royal Christmas - Showroom
Royal Christmas - Showroom
Royal Christmas - Showroom
Royal Christmas - Factory
Royal Christmas - Factory
Fair - Christmas World - Frankfurt
Fair - Christmas World - Frankfurt


Royal Christmas consists out of two companies. Royal Christmas China for the containers and Royal Christmas Europe for the parcel and pallet sales. The Netherlands is also the location of the warehouse and showroom.

Royal Christmas - 2 Identities


We are very proud to have been serving our clients for all these years and that we have received so much positive feedback that the consumers are satisfied with the Royal Christmas products and services. We could only achieve this with all the effort of the employees in the 85 years who work for and with us.

Royal Christmas - Logo
Royal Christmas - Packaging
Royal Christmas - Packaging
  • Sold and shipped to more than 135 countries in the past
  • Build up a tree for the pope and received orders from many presidents all around the world
  • Sold to Greenpeace on the North pole and Spitsbergen
  • We design and arrange from door to door for all global shops off Cartier, Rolex, IWC
  • Our products have been used in multiple movies
  • In Philippines they use the trees year around like the led lighting
  • 1% return rate when clients buy online
  • Rating of a 9 out of 10 by Trustpilot
  • Won best tree of the Netherlands judged by nr. 1 newspaper and also by a national TV test
  • Royal Christmas have clients who buy for 3 generations long, from the 50’ till 2023. To have corporations like that gives
    trust on both sides


Maybe the 4th generation will take over in the future.

Next generation

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