Introduction Royal Christmas

Royal Christmas is specialized in the newest design and market trends of Christmas items made of PE, PVC, Flock, PP, Prelit and warm LED or the unique 1 minute tree. Our primary items are the artificial Christmas trees, garland and wreaths. From promotional items till highest top end quality always with latest lab test, perfect packing and marketing support. We support our customers in the complete line, own packing and design is possible as well.

Royal Christmas sells and manufactures their products globally towards wholesale garden centers, wholesale, decoration companies, online sales and DIY. 

At this moment Royal Christmas sells towards around 80 countries globally.

In an open survey in 2020 of more than 4.900 customers, Royal Christmas had 9,3 rating on price, quality and service etc. For Google Reviews Royal Christmas scores 4,3 stars! Return rate less 1%!

About Royal Christmas

In 1936 Royal Christmas started with Christmas sales.
Royal Christmas exists of two LTD’s:
– Royal Christmas China, Dong Guan and Hong Kong

– Royal Christmas the Netherlands, Winschoten
(office, showroom and warehouse)
Please also see terms and conditions.

Royal Christmas offers a complete line of Christmas items:

– more than 400 types of PVC artificial Christmas Trees in 10 separate lines
  (see more details below)

– Prelit trees, PE trees, PP trees, Flock trees, Pole trees and
  Giant Trees PVC / PE with warm LED lighting
– Fast Build Up Trees, with lighting connection through pole and foot switch.
– In 2020 we introduced our smart Christmas tree adapter which works with the Royal Christmas app for iOS and Android.

Easy lighting connection (integrated in the pole), easy on / off foot pole switch, adjustable lighting that can be muted or
  otherwise converted to Multi-color. Easily branches to unfould with hinged system, extra strong and easy to ship
packaging with multiple handles. Possibility
Instructions for assembly with demonstration movie / QR-Code

– 1 Minute tree, the tree that opens it selves, future Artificial Christmas Trees

– Wide collection of garlands, swags, mini trees and wreaths
– Warm white LED Battery line

– Skirts & Rotan line

– Complete line of Christmas balls and decoration

– Lighting, glitter lighting and deco lighting

Royal Christmas offers separate lines of Artificial Christmas trees, garland and wreaths. From promotional items till high end Deluxe line. By offering this complete lines our customers can offer always the needs of the final end consumer. The sales team of Royal Christmas: together with our customers we design for each customer a perfect concept on end of year sales plan.

Royal Christmas lines of Artificial Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths and other products:

– Collection 2021 – including smart Christmas tree adapter which works with the Royal Christmas app for iOS and Android.

– Deluxe line

– Premium line

– Classic line

– PP line

– Promo line

– Flock line

– 1 Minute line

– Christmas Deco Mini Trees

– Christmas Tables Deco

– Deco tree line

– Color trees

Packing of Royal Christmas:

Royal Christmas general sells in the Royal Christmas luxury packing. We believe that the final consumer has attention for this. If the customer does not want to have their items in Royal Christmas boxes, we can also produce the goods in:

Please see the photos below.

– Royal Christmas packing
– Also possible: Brown and blue boxes
– Brown boxes for promotional items
– Depends on the order amount if special boxes are possible

Box royal christmas
Royal Christmas Packing – Deluxe Line – Details

Box royal christmas
Royal Christmas Packing – Premium Line – Details

Box royal christmas

Box royal christmas


Royal Christmas packing consists of:

– Multi-layer packing, so it is extra strong
– Handles for carrying
– 2x side color photos
– Clear manual / instruction inside the box
– Article numbers and barcodes

Service towards customer:

– Fulfills latest test reports on their items for all the countries we sell.

– Best price and high quality norm on inspection.

– Concept planning, team Royal Christmas and customer work together on best sales plan pro year.

– Packing could be in Royal Christmas or customer wishes. In both ways is strong luxury packing.

BSCI certificated on requirement.

– Newest design, year by year we design new items, in October every year we start to sale for next year collection.

– All Christmas articles are flame-retardant treated.

– Many years of market knowledge, this information we can share with our customers, to make the best concept that fits the customers concept.

Multi selection of strong packaging.

– Free marketing material.

– In 2020 we introduce our smart Christmas tree adapter which works with the Royal Christmas app for iOS and Android.

– Sales support and after sales support.

– The team of Royal Christmas is there for the customer 24/7, 365 days a year.

Test reports / company requirements:

Royal Christmas has BSCI certification on requirement. All Christmas articles are flame-retardant treated. For a factory audit we welcome inspectors. Royal Christmas fulfills to the latest test reports on their items. Customers can give their requirements of reports with the order. We fulfill for each country the requirements. Our customers do not need to worry about this, as this is an all including service of the order. Also customers can send their own inspection team, to do inspection during the production, or when we are loading the containers.

Please, see the list of all certifications below: